Surprising Charts About Smoking, Unemployment And Mobile Phones

From National Public Radio by Malaka Gharib:

“Charts can seem dull. But not to data scientist Tariq Khokhar at the World Bank. When he looked through a year’s worth of charts, graphs, maps and more, he was excited by the numbers.”

The Incredible Complications of Living Atop the U.S.-Canada Border

From Atlas Obscura by Kevin Williams:

“The tough, restricted lives of the dozen people whose homes lie in both Maine and Quebec.”

Physical Constraints on the Climate Sensitivity

Guest essay by George White For matter that’s absorbing and emitting energy, the emissions consequential to its temperature can be calculated exactly using the Stefan-Boltzmann Law, 1) P = εσT4 where P is the emissions in W/m2, T is the temperature of the emitting matter in degrees Kelvin, σ is the Stefan-Boltzmann constant whose value […]

via Physical Constraints on the Climate Sensitivity — Watts Up With That?

Finding India’s Lost Musicians

From National Geographic by

“Photographer and filmmaker Souvid Datta traveled to his native country of India to document folk music before globalization and urban migration completely wipe the traditions from memory. We spoke with Datta about his project and India’s musical heritage.”

Japan Sends Long Electric Whip Into Orbit, To Tame Space Junk

From by Bill Chappell:

“A cable that’s as long as six football fields has been launched into orbit — and when it’s deployed, it’ll test an idea to knock out orbital debris. Japan’s space agency sent the electrodynamic tether into space along with supplies for the International Space Station.”