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Life has been amazing! Simply amazing! There’s so much war and strife and loss and pain that it reminds me over and over again to be grateful for what I do have. Simple things that I take for granted, a cup of hot tea, waking up early morning to watch the dawn break, the sound of birds waking up. There’s always so much to be grateful for even as I strive for more.

That’s human tendency isn’t it? To want more, to always be seeking and searching? Only as life flowed, the things I seek and value changed. The way I experience life continues to change and that is totally okay. It’s okay to not want the things that we wanted yesterday. It’s okay to dream a new dream each day. It’s okay to give up pursuit of things that do not contribute to our growth. It’s okay to say…

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Happy Sir Syed Day: Hindi Transcript of Complete Nazm of Majaz Titled “nazr-e-aligarh”- Later Abridged and Adopted as AMU Tarana

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22389b38-e37b-4d5f-b40d-77afac92c22a.jpgये मेरा चमन है मेरा चमन, मैं अपने चमन का बुलबुल हूँ
सरशार-ए-निगाह-ए-नरगिस हूँ, पा-बास्ता-ए-गेसू-संबल हूँ

हर आन यहाँ सेहबा-ए-कुहन एक साघर-ए-नौ में ढलती है
कलियों से हुस्न टपकता है, फूलों से जवानी उबलती है

जो ताक-ए-हरम में रोशन है, वो शमा यहाँ भी जलती है
इस दश्त के गोशे-गोशे से, एक जू-ए-हयात उबलती है

इसलाम के इस बुत-खाने में अस्नाम भी हैं और आज़ार भी
तहज़ीब के इस मै-खाने में शमशीर भी है और साघार भी

याँ हुस्न की बर्क चमकती है, याँ नूर की बारिश होती है
हर आह यहाँ एक नग्मा है, हर अश्क यहाँ एक मोती है

हर शाम है शाम-ए-मिस्र यहाँ, हर शब है शब-ए-शीराज़ यहाँ
है सारे जहाँ का सोज़ यहाँ और सारे जहाँ का साज़ यहाँ

ये दश्त-ए-जुनूँ दीवानों का, ये बज़्म-ए-वफा परवानों की
ये शहर-ए-तरब रूमानों का, ये खुल्द-ए-बरीं अरमानों की

फितरत ने सिखाई है हम को, उफ्ताद यहाँ परवाज़ यहाँ

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Essay: Solar cycle wave frequency linked to jet stream changes


It’s not the heat It’s the humidity By Francis Tucker Manns, PhD Abstract: The sun controls climate change. Not industry. Not you. Not me. It is the sun. Solar cycle 24, the weakest in 100 years, is stumbling to an end. The sunspot cycle averages about 11 (± 1.5) years. There may not be any sunspots…

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Greening Indian Cities-Ahmedabad


Another creative commitment to Green Innovation. Thanks to the Times of India for this story. Ahmedabad embraces green walls, goes vertical Aapnu Amdavad has a lot to boast about. From being the first city to have been declared India’s first Unesco World Heritage City to being home to some prime educational institutes, this city has […]

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Alarming! Politicians are as obsessed with the urban dream as the rest of us!


I was researching an article about the governance of privately built cities recently and one of the experts I spoke to commented on the obsession of the Indian State with being answerable to the urban middle class, to the exclusion of other categories of citizens like the rural folk, the urban poor etc who have traditionally been the ‘vote bank’ in India. After Ayona seeded that thought in my head, I began to notice that it was indeed being pointed out by several journalists and experts in mainstream media. For instance, this piece talks about Modi’s obsession with the urban. It’s not just Modi, our nation is seeing a disturbing shift in which the youth aspire to everything that is urban. Symbolism is important and cars, mobile phones, branded clothes and a ‘liberal’ lifestyle have become outward signs of a change in outlook (not mindsets though, as we are…

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Diversity is good for our communities. Here’s the evidence


By Jayanth Narayanan Whether or not diversity is a good thing is still a topic of much debate. Though many businesses tout the benefits of diversity, American political scientist Robert Putnam holds that diversity causes people to hunker down, creating mistrust in communities. Empirical investigations into how diversity affects communities are too few and far between to provide…

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