Pompeii Had Some Intense Rush Hour Traffic Too

From Forbes by Sarah Bond:

“In a new book out this month, Pompeii archaeologist Eric Poehler uncovers the traffic patterns within the ancient Italian city. By examining the small scratches, ruts and potholes along the streets of the city, Poehler has brought new knowledge of how carts, wagons and people used and interacted with the streets of the classical city every day. The historic growth of a city’s roadsystem is itself a reflection of the ideas, ideals, laws and people that pulsed within a community and the economy that underpinned it.”


Happy Camel vs the Sad Cow

Natural Health with the Camel Milk

The Scientists are agreed that the products, especially milk coming from a happy and comfortable animal are far better than the animal in distressed conditions with a sad feeling. Now it is yours’ choice, either you take milk from a happy animal or a sad animal as both types are available in the market. I’m convinced that some cow farmings are eco-friendly and green but the majority have the sad cows. If compared to camel dairying, the cow production system is much behind in quality and happiness index.  A brief view of both types of farming systems (the sad cow and the happy camel) is given in the ensuing lines.

The Happy Animal: Camel farming is very eco-friendly, natural, clean, dry & airy, shiny and completely free of any foul smell. This clean environment ensures the quality of livelihood of the camel and the absence of pathogenic microorganisms. Camel is…

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Ohio State University launches its new Digital Flagship University with Apple

Ohio State University has announced a new digital education initiative in collaboration with Apple that includes a new iOS Design Lab on its Columbus campus and the distribution of iPad Pros to incoming first-year students. Called the Digital Flagship University, the project starts this academic year with the goal of allowing Ohio State’s community to…

via Ohio State University launches its new Digital Flagship University with Apple — TechCrunch

New Mexico school standards water down evolution, geology, and climate change

Why Evolution Is True

Mother Jones has an article by Andy Kroll about how the state of New Mexico has watered down a widespread and excellent secondary school science curriculum (grades kindergarden through 12): the Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS) developed in conjunction with National Research Council, the National Science Teachers Association, and the American Association for the Advancement of Science.  The state’s public education department released a document (here) that proposes changes to its existing standards that have changed some of the NGSS guidelines.

And these changes aren’t random: in the main, they water down evolution, remove evidence for the age of the earth, and imply that global warming is a “fluctuation” rather than a trend. Glenn Branch of the NCSE reacted:

“These changes are evidently intended to placate creationists and climate change deniers,” says Glenn Branch, the deputy director of the National Center for Science Education, a nonprofit group that…

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Archiving Oil – images

Experimental Geography in Practice

Just thought I would post some images taken by Neville Gabie of the Archiving Oil event we installed in the Earth Sciences Rock Collection Store on May 16th as part of the University of Bristol’s Museums at Night events.

We had a great turn out of 200+ over the course of the evening.











Archiving Oil- list of artworks


Neville Gabie

As part of his Leverhulme funded residency with the Cabot Institute at Bristol University, Neville Gabie has been working on a series of short films considering the materiality of oil and chalk amongst other materials. This evening he will be screening some of the oil based films.

Experiments in Black and White 1 – video installation – duration 13mins 13 seconds

[basement corridor opposite the lift]

Experiments in Black and White 3 – video installation – duration 13mins 29 seconds

[basement corridor]

Experiments in Black and White 4 –…

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Spring Break 2017 – Part 5- Utah- Zion National Park

Day8: Zion National Park:
This is the last post of this travel series. I did write our previous visit to Zion, it’s here and here. One hike we missed during that time was the famous Angels Landing. This time we had only 1 agenda and that was to do this hike as a family. It is recommended to start early to avoid crowd as well as the heat. We reached the visitor center early in the morning, checked the weather conditions and other safety precautions. The ranger who was assisting was against us taking Chucky to the hike. He repeatedly told he wouldn’t recommend this hike with a 7 year old. He warned us and said it’s up to us to decide then. My heart was breaking but as a mother I knew my daughter could do this. Thanks to my friend Mamata who had given me lot of…

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Going Global

Sapna's Blog

phone_scamYou had a good night’s sleep and you wake up refreshed in the morning. And as the millennial routine goes you pick up your phone to check messages/feed even before you brush your teeth. You see a burst of missed calls and you wonder what happened. Who called you in the dead of the night, what is the emergency and why is it that you did not hear the call? In a state of panic you call back to check.

What you do not realize is that the number is an International number usually starting with an international code of +3xxx or +2xxx and at the end of the month you get a bill with a large number.  +381 and +375 are the ones I have seen on my phone. But there are quite a few countries where these calls originate from. Russia, African countries – Nigeria, Burundi, Malawi, Mali……

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