A Green Roof Strategy for Beijing


Beijing air pollution continues to be a mainstay in conversations here in Beijing. International and Chinese friends often ask me how long it will take to reduce Beijing’s air pollution down to a reasonable level.

“A very long time,” I reply.

As I’ve stated before, Beijing is geographically situated in a basin that traps air pollution above the city. Air pollution, though, is not the city’s only environmental challenge. Beijing will continue to be confronted with a laundry list of environmental challenges, successfully confronting these challenges will require a diverse toolkit. One of these tools, as Gavin Lohry argues in a recent study on the value of green roofs in Beijing, may be green roofs.

Gavin’s report is an extended argument for the increased adoption of green roofs to mitigate environmental challenges in Beijing. This study is composed of two primary sections–benefits of green roofs and a calculation of their applicability…

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