Opening up geospatial data

Rambling Geographer

Geospatial data has become embedded in most people’s lives. Whether we’re using Google Maps to search for the nearest bank or post office or a sat nav to find our way round an unfamiliar city, or looking at our own house on Google Earth or Google Streetview. I have no ties to or particular love of Google’s products, but they have done a fantastic job of opening up geospatial data. We are becoming so involved with spatial data that the use of Geographical Information Systems (GIS) is even making its way on to GCSE geography curriculums.

I used satellite imagery to map forest cover in Malawi for my PhD. This falls under the category of remote sensing, which is broadly defined as the science of obtaining information about an object without being in contact with it. Earth observation is often used interchangeably with remote sensing (at least by me), but…

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