Leveraging a Changing Climate: Recent advances in understanding how Species cope with Changing Conditions.

Watts Up With That?

Guest essay by Daniel Bourke


The concept of climate change has become a controversial one. By that it is not meant to be said that the happening of climate change is controversial in and of itself, but that it has become an issue as divisive in its contents as any other such engagement. Our primary objective here is simply to highlight some recent researches which specifically detail how the world’s flora and fauna cope advantageously in spite of, and indeed because of changing environmental conditions. We hope to show here that, far from being bystanders in the face of the forces of nature, these organisms are natural forces in themselves and will certainly move where possible when confronted by change both great and small.

The State of Climate Science

A degree of clarification needs to be attempted before the piece is elaborated. And that is regarding the current state…

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