Logistics and infrastructure: Links to the economic backbone

Transporting Success

To retain competitiveness in this new economic climate, the United States must overhaul its aging transportation infrastructure.

There is much buzz regarding America’s purportedly aging transportation system. Built more than a half a century ago for a much different generation, the roads and highways of the United States, once the envy of the world, are reportedly aging. American infrastructure rates poorly in the annual reviews of regulatory bodies like the American Society of Civil Engineers. This decay is denting the country’s economic competitiveness and stands as a possible threat to the lives and wellbeing of people and their livelihoods.

Infrastructure is one of the main stimuli for economic activity, providing the means of facilitating travel that makes industries and businesses possible. A well-maintained system of highways, for instance, ensures that transporting goods and people from one corner of the country to another can go quickly and without delays. Roads allow…

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