Special Review | Climate Change in Himalayas


The Himalaya support nearly half of humanity “Him” means snow “alaya” means mountain. The mountains of snow have also been called the third pole, since they are the third largest body of snow on our planet after the Antarctic and Arctic.

Over the last year, Navdanya / Research Foundation teams have worked with local communities in Uttarakhand and Ladakh to assess the impact of climate change on their ecosystems and economies and to evolve participatory plans for climate change adaptation. From 6th to 13th of September 2009 we also undertook a climate yatra from Dehradun in Uttarakhand to Leh in Ladakh followed by the national consultation on Climate change at New Delhi on 17th November 2009. The project findings are compiled as “Climate Change at Third Pole”.

The melting of snow in the Arctic and Antarctic due to global warming and climate change is reported frequently. However, the melting of…

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