Remember those terrorists terrorizing northern Nigerian? BOKO HARAM as they are called. They showed up again at a school certificate examination (NECO) hall in Borno State, North Eastern Nigeria, where youths between the ages of 17 and 18 years were writing their certificate exams and opened fire indiscriminately on them  killing defenseless youths in their dozens. What a cowardice! their grouse-the youths are suspected to be giving information to the Army concerning BOKO HARAM’S whereabout. They forgot something! Their kit and kins are in the crowd. Their agenda: to annihilate tomorrow’s generation of leaders. Any fore sight? obviously no but just being dastardly.

What could be this group’s objective? could it be that they  abhor a youthful society? could any sane group fathom  this type of society that BOKO HARAM is trying to create for themselves? why should any group attempt to obliterate its own future? youths are the hub of any society world wide. This monstrous act must cease now. The leaders of this group must as a matter of urgency  exercise restraint. This cowardice must stop! ha the Army have banned the use of cell phones. No cause for alarm! information dissemination has suffered a serious set back. Are you going back to the dark age? Yes i believe  cowards live in the dark age. BOKO HARAM please treat your brains and retreat honorably from seeking self destruction because you have shot yourselves in the foot by your latest killing of innocent youths. After illicit struggle life continues and society must  get better whether you like it or not. Please remember only the best gets better.

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