USA’s Longest Bridge Built from Recycled Material Opens

The Onion Ditch Bridge, which is made entirely from recycled material and is the longest of its kind in America, has been officially opened


The longest-ever, environmentally friendly-made bridge in the USA has been officially opened.

The bridge in Logan County, Ohio,  has been completely built from 100 percent recycled materials including detergent bottles and old car bumpers.

It has been constructed using Axion International’s  cost effective STURXURE Bridges which are pre-engineered and pre-built using its patented formula – an industrial grade Recycled Structural Composite – which is fast becoming a top choice for municipalities, transportation authorities, rail companies and parks.

Struxure is 80 percent made from post-consumer plastics such as detergent bottles, shampoo bottles and milk jugs, and 20 percent from car bumpers and dashboards.

The patented processes were developed in conjunction with scientists at Rutgers University and transform recycled and industrial plastics into a myriad of structural products…

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