Friday Funnies: Lessons in Resistance & Resilience of Plants, Animals & People

DIANABUJA'S BLOG: Africa, The Middle East, Agriculture, History and Culture

Many plants are able to protect themselves from attack (being eaten) in different ways.  However, through domestication and/or use of pesticides and other protectors, plants may loose their natural defenses – their resistance and resilience – as these protective traits are no longer needed.  Here is an example with maize:

In a similarly way, the most important livestock breeds in central Africa – Central African Goats and Ankole cattle – exhibit unique resistance and resilience to a variety of tropical diseases and harsh climatic conditions. However, when these animals are crossbred with northern hemisphere breeds, which lack these protective traits, the resulting offspring exhibit higher rates of morbidity and mortality.

One major difficulty in training and applied research in Africa is the generally dismal state of available literature regarding these elements.  It is, as the following video shows, often a question of Closed Access to most recent findings and resources – and…

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