Liberalising Agricultural Input Market Vital to Reversing Productivity Decline



As the EPRDFites were preparing to convene at Bahir Dar – the beautiful lakeside capital of the Amhara Region – the policy environment was tense with so much uncertainty. Pundits proclaimed for the conflict of interests to overshadow pertinent political and economic problems, which demanded the attention of the Revolutionary Democrats. To their disapproval, however, the EPRDFites limited the whole discussion within the bounds of the policy expectations.

Little transpired in the form of conflict of interests. Both the highly expected intraparty power reshuffle and policy actions went largely as predicted. As expected, Hailemariam Desalegn, the handpicked successor of Meles Zenawi, and Demeke Mekonnen, a political heavyweight from the very region hosting the convention, were elected to serve as chairman and vice chairman, respectively, of the ruling party.

From all of the chickens presented at the convention, however, that of agriculture was taken to roost under…

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