U.N. World Meteorological Organization report pans the idea that severe weather and severe weather deaths can be linked to climate change

Watts Up With That?

They say more complete datasets are needed. They also fail to mention “the pause” of global temperature during the decade of study, using only bar graphs to illustrate temperatures instead of trend lines, while at the same time state that “A decade is the minimum possible timeframe for detecting temperature changes.” They also mention “it is not yet possible to attribute individual extremes to climate change,” and they hint that “some may have occurred in a different way – or would not have occurred at all”, which is just political lip service, and no evidence is cited.

They also cite that expansion of socio-economic assets and infrastructure expanded in such a way to increase risk to lives and property.

The WMO now joins Nature magazine and IPCC SREX in saying extreme weather can’t yet be reliably linked to climate change. Links to the report follow.  – Anthony

Press release:

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