To UC Or Not To UC, That Is The Question

It is that time of the year when ESRI hosts their International Users Conference (UC) in San Diego, California, USA. For any ESRI software user, it is the holy grail of GIS conferences.  To some, the initial grand scale of the conference could be overwhelming; however, if you take it in stride you will be like a child in a candy store. You can experience the wonders of finding new and innovative techniques to help you with your GIS analysis.

Keith Cooke, our ESRI State Government Account Executive, has kindly provided some insight on how to plan and manage your time at the UC:

  1. At the Plenary Session on Monday, “half of the morning will consist of Jack’s vision for where we’re going, as well as some technical demonstrations.  The second half of the morning will be almost exclusively technical demonstrations.  The keynote speaker will be after lunch.”
  2. “If you haven’t done so already, be sure to plan out an agenda before going out to the UC.  It’s easy to get overwhelmed with all of the offerings, and you need to make sure you attend the workshops and sessions that are important to you.  Many of the most popular technical sessions will have two or three offerings of the same session. That being said…”
  3. “Don’t exclusively plan to attend tech and user sessions.  Make sure to spend at least half a day in the Exhibit Hall to visit our hundreds of partners and to visit the Esri Showcase.  The Showcase is an opportunity to meet with the developers of specific products or the managers of specific industries.  We also have Demo Theaters throughout the showcase where you can see live demonstrations of specific solutions and ask questions.  There is also a Technical Support Island.”

However, in our time of budget cuts and travel restrictions, not all of us are fortunate enough to be able to attend. You still can get a taste of what the conference offerings are all about. ESRI has posted their recorded  2012 Conference Technical Workshop Sessions under:

This still provides valuable insight and may just help in your trip justification for next year.


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