Sustainable Development: Anthropocene by Nabarup Ganguly

zzScientist now call the present epoch as Anthropocene on the Geological Time Scale.

The term Anthropocene- “the recent age of man” was coined by Nobel Laureate Chemist, Paul Crutzen and his colleague Eugene Stoermer.

Anthropocene marks the era when human activities have had a significant worldwide impact on Earth’s Ecosystems.

Dr Jan Zalasiewicz from University of Leicester has observed ;”Simply put, our planet no longer functions in the way that it once did. Atmosphere, Climate, Oceans, Ecosystems… they’re all now operating outside Holocene norms. This strongly suggests we’ve crossed an epoch boundary.”

Scientists are still debatin when the Anthropocene began. Some think it should be 1800s, others think 1900s- whatever it may be; Anthropocene belongs to us. Yes, an entire era is going to be marked for us Humans.

Humans will mark the end of the 10,000 year old Holocene epoch. Anthropocene has begun. We are leaving an indelible footprint and we need to be careful.

In the 2008 book ‘Cruisin’ the Fossil Freeway’, the famous Alaska-based artist, Ray Troll created a wonderful artwork depicting the geological timescale.


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