The Power and Wonder of a Globe

My fifth year anniversary at my former place of employment was commemorated with a plaque and a catalog. Inside the catalog was a list of goodies that I could select from, such as a watch or a fancy pen set. However, what caught my eye was globe of the Earth. What was more fitting than a model of the Earth for someone employed as a GIS analyst.

I placed my order and waited like and expectant parent for my package to arrive. Little did I know that this wasn’t just any object, but one that required me to be present at my house to sign for proof of delivery. It took three tries and an afternoon off from work for me to coordinate with the delivery fellow. When he arrived he said that he only has seen this kind of secure delivery for a package containing alcohol, tobacco or a fire arm. “What is in the package?”, he asked. “A globe”, I replied.

This does make one ponder. The old globes that we see at the museums were possessed by the ruling elite, such as kings or presidents, to view their dominions in relation to everyone else’s. Now here I was, hundreds of years later with my own globe. The added bonus is that it lights up. Don’t you know that these folks would have been pea green with envy!

Now that I have a little one of my own, the globe is a thing of wonder. Not only can my daughter point to our location in Alabama, but to Sydney, Australia where my step-sister and her family reside. Mongolia is now a favorite destination for her to find. Why Mongolia might you ask? He little preschool friend of three years, Taivan, and his family have just returned back home there.

In our digital age of Google Earth, it is comforting to know that even the most simple thing, such as a globe, can entrance a child and make them want to explore their world.


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