World Heritage Site by Nabarup Ganguly An Author of Geography Department

India has been struggling to keep its forest cover intact.

India’s eroding forest cover” India lost 367 of forest area between 2009 and 2011, accordind to the biennial India State of Forest Report released on Tuesday. India’s environment ministry has blamed Maoist rebels and shifting cultivation practised in the country’s north east for the drop in forest cover.

                                                     In July 2012, came the news that marked celebrations accross India. The 1600km long mountain chain of the Western Ghats aka Sahyadri mountain range was declared a World Heritage Site by United Nations Educational Scientific and Cultural Organisation (UNESCO).

The Western Ghats have a genetic biodiversity over 500 million years old. Even the dinosaurs lived there . It was the real Jurassic Park 65 million years ago. The Western Ghats are also recognised as world’s eight “hottest hotspots” of biological diversity.

Environmentalist Professor Madhav Gadgil said, “It is indeed a matter of pride for the country and the concerned states.” Professor Gadgil has fought for decades to stop the environmental degradation of India. Western Ghats are home to several animal species including 325 globally threatened species.

In June 2012, Professor Gadgil gave this message. ” The experience is that the world over it is not the government or industry but people’s movements that protect the environment.”

The Western Ghats have thick forests and several natural wonders. Mahuli (2815 feet) located in Thane, Maharashtra is one such wonder . The Western Ghats are spread accross 160, The UNESCO site covers only about 5% or 8,000 km of it.

The Western Ghats are under due to deforestation and loss of flora and fauna.


We need to protect them , Get Ready.

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