North Pole Web Camera 2 Adrift in Large, Expanding Melt Pool


(Image source: APL)

Last week, a melt puddle began to form near APL’s Camera 2. The pool extended in the near camera field from left to right just beyond the black and white markers. It covered just more than half the field of view and was represented by a thin, though growing, swath of melt water.

As you can see in the image above, last week’s melt pool has greatly increased. It now covers the entire camera field and has turned the ice on which the camera stands into a tiny island. In the distance and to the left-hand side, we can also see a black stretch of open water cutting between the ice flow upon which the camera sits and a far ice flow barely visible in the distance.

Hole at the North Pole

Since early June, a series of storms have consistently worn away at the central…

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