Value of Education

Corporate Skirts

I usually avoid watching the news, it’s mostly depressing and discouraging. Yet, I found myself watching a documentary on the Aljazeera channel today, I didn’t catch the name and I think I caught it half ways. The show was on education in the US and about how the system is failing the black population, particularly the black male population. Kids graduating highschool with barely 8 grade level reading skills. A single mom and her 8-year-old son in 2nd grade who struggles to read the word “find”. A grandmother who has struggled to keep her grandson in school and who now has a very real chance of attending college with scholarships has his dreams hang in the balance when his house is raided and his mother’s drug paraphernalia are attributed to him and he is hauled off to court. Parents caught in the cycle of dropping out of school, making minimum…

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