Biodiversity offsetting proposals ‘a licence to trash nature’



“Nature is unique and complex – not something that can be bulldozed in one place and recreated in another at the whim of a developer.

From the Guardian : Developers will be allowed to destroy wildlife and woodlands if they create new habitats elsewhere, under government plans published by the environment secretary, Owen Paterson.

Ministers hope the proposals, called biodiversity offsetting, will make it easier for new housing and commercial schemes to go ahead, boosting the economy. But environment groups dubbed the plans a “licence to trash nature”.

“Offsetting is an exciting opportunity to look at how we can improve the environment as well as grow the economy,” said Paterson, launching consultation on the plans. “There is no reason why wildlife and development can’t flourish side-by-side.”

Ministers have been frustrated that some major schemes have been obstructed by wildlife concerns, such as the 85 nightingales blocking a £1bn housing…

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