Does Our Education Really Educate Us ??

“Teen shoots many at school, 15 killed”, “School student stabs teacher”,“ Four College students abducted for forgery, made billions by fraud”, “High school students made MMS of classmate, arrested”, “Engineering student hacks reputed MNC’s account”

Such headlines aren’t a surprise when we pick up the morning newspaper and this phenomenon doesn’t confine to a specific culture/society or environment. It is global. What’s that which makes these happenings take place in such plenty? Why does our education system more and more failures to actually educate the generation? What’s injecting this ascending hazard among mid-education young fellows? What is that which proclaims so called education process a fatal fiasco? Where did moral shaping and strong character building extinguished from education process which happens to be the mightiest tool of socialization? Where do we need to plaster? Please share your concerned views and healing remedies.

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