Urban Trends and Policy in China

Urban Governance

Urban Trends and Policy in China“China has become the world’s largest urban nation, with over 600 million urban citizens today. Urban population in China is expected to reach 900 million in 2030. Till recently, China had anti-urban bias in its policies. However, now China boasts a number of million plus cities and metropolitan regions that are engines of its economic growth.

 In historical terms, urbanisation is a relatively new phenomenon in China, and government is still seeking to better understand its scale, underlying processes, stimuli, impacts, costs, and benefits to inform more effective public policy.

 The OECD Regional Development Working Paper describes urban growth trends in China, where and in what kinds of cities growth is happening, how China’s cities are governed, and how public policy has influenced the extent, pace, and spatial distribution of urbanisation. As China continues to integrate with the global economy, its competitiveness will increasingly be driven by the…

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