How to Develop Life Long Learning Communities? ……….. Some Ideas


Learning continues life long, deliberately or undeliberately/unintentionally. But the challenge is to incorporate formal learning into lifelong learning communities always imparting solutions and satisfying queries as and when required, enlarging the access of institutions imparting learning of any level and kind without boundaries. Creating critical thinkers and expectations of continuous learning requires highly credible resources to be available, easily found, and recognized for their quality among the abundance of information propagated so freely on the Web. Promising initiatives and continually evolving services are the crying need that would provide scholars and learners the unfettered ability to create, access, and use knowledge on a global scale.

There is a need for a more structured approach to develop lifelong learners and doing a better job at providing them with resources than most theological and religious educators have done in the past. Developing lifelong learners among students is an important aim; however, it…

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