MOOCs and capacity development

Rambling Geographer

Despite my best intentions, I spend a disproportionate amount of my free time learning. It’s unfortunate because that’s also my day job, so it’s a strange way to unwind. I have a lot of varied interests that often go beyond the scope of what’s required for my day job (formerly a PhD student, now a job-hunting newly-minted doctor), and fortunately for me with a decent internet connection there is no interest that is too obscure to find someone to share it and teach me about it.

I am one of the curious children of the digital revolution, who grew up with computers that used dial up, and remember joining Facebook at university when it was just for university students not the world and their granny. I have used podcasts to learn French and Spanish (with varying degrees of success), and fallen in love with iTunesU – you mean I can…

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