UN Atlas: 44 percent of us live in coastal areas

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About 44 percent of the world’s population lives within 150 kilometres of the sea. This interesting research result (http://www.oceansatlas.org/servlet/CDSServlet?status=ND0xODc3JjY9ZW4mMzM9KiYzNz1rb3M~) from the UN Atlas of the Oceans is perhaps worth repeating as it, in a few words, justifies the need for integrated coastal management, i.e. that kind of management of natural resources and their uses which puts a lot of emphasis on cooperation, coordination and multiple use of resources. With such a high percentage of people within a narrow coastal zone, the traditional one-eyed sectoral approaches, which favour exclusive uses, are likely to fail.
Coastal cities are usually important ports, which provide access to and from the interior through a major river. In addition, they are hot spots of fisheries providing us with animal protein, and ocean-related recreation, which is rapidly growing. Furthermore, most of the world´s megacities with more than 2,5 million inhabitants are in the coastal area.
As regards specific…

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