Are You Up for the Jugraphia Slate Challenge?

I was in a meeting the other day when someone mentioned a web program called GeoGuessr ( In essence, the program takes the user to a random spot in the world on Google Earth at the street view level. Based on the visual cues (signage, road design, achitecture, terrain, vegetation, etc.) the user is supposed to guess the location and point to it on the map. The GeoGuessr player is given five different locations. At the end the score is tallied based on distance from the proposed locations to the the correct locations.

Since Jugraphia Slate readers are known for their superior geographic knowledge, enthusiasm, and good taste (as you read our website), I would like to present a challenge to all of you and see how well you do. Your best score can be posted on our Facebook page. Let’s see who will be king or queen of GeoGuessr.  — Jenny

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