Dinosaur footprints discovery in India

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This video is called Jurassic Park of India.

It says about itself:

15 Jan 2013

Raiyoli Dinosaur fossil park is the 3rd largest dinosaur park in the world, visitors can see the real fossils of the dinosaurs embedded in the rock as well as real dinosaurs eggs.

From the Press Trust of India:

Dinosaur footprints found near Jaisalmer

January 13, 2014 16:42 IST

Jaisalmer, Rajasthan: A team of foreign and Indian scientists have spotted the footprints of dinosaurs at Thaiat village in Jaisalmer district, sources said today.

A team of 34 foreign scientists from a number of countries including France and Germany are camping in Jaisalmer to study fossils of dinosaurs found in sandy desert areas near the city recently.

Dinosaurs‘ evolution, extinction, and paleo-bio-genography is the centre of their research related to fossils, they added.

Yesterday, the team led by Dr Jan Schlogl of Slovakia…

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