Sahelian City-States in the Western Sahel: Part 2

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Recent and ongoing events in the Sahel by way of food crises, religiously based conflict, ethnically based conflict, and military coups are intertwined.  They are the most recent iterations of  interdependent political, economic, religious, social, and cultural changes that have been taking place for upwards of two millenia in west Africa.

The Sahel of West Africa has been the home of numerous small states that can be traced back by means of written arabic records beginning in the 9th Century AD, and earlier, by archaeology, to the stone settlements of Tichitt (also written Tichit) and other sites that are located on the caravan routes in southern Mauritania:

Tichit is a partly abandoned village at the foot of the Tagant Plateau in central southern Mauritania that is known for its vernacular architecture. The main agriculture in Tichit is date farming, and the village is also home to a small museum. Wikipedia

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