What is happening to our antibiotics?


Welp, I am defiantly jumping right into this with my first (real) post by trying to tackle this issue, but it is a very important topic.

Antibiotics will not work unless you have a bacterial infection.  This means that for the flu, common cold, or stomach bug, an antibiotic will not heal you or make you feel better. 

Now why is this?  It has to do with the way the drug acts; antibiotics are designed to muck up the workings of the bacterial cell such that the bacteria cannot reproduce properly or  is forced to lyse itself.  Being that viruses have different internal mechanisms, antibiotics are useless against them.

This is an important topic because the world is beginning to run out of antibiotics; when the drugs are used improperly (meaning given for the wrong reason or not taken through their full course), the bacteria gain resistance.  Any bug not…

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