Aliens are spying our dinosaurs!

Shining eyes

Yes they are. An alien species 65 million light years away from earth, looking at us now with a telescope, would see dinosaurs. Yes, my dear Tyrannosaurus-rex, they are watching you right now!This is because of the finite speed of light. To understand this, one has to understand how we see an object. When you see the sun for example, it takes about 8 minutes for light from sun to reach us. This means that the ‘sun’ you see now is actually the sun that existed 8 minutes ago. Obviously you don’t see any difference, because nothing changes on the sun in those 8 minutes. So, when we look at objects that are very large distances away from us, the light that is reaching our eyes now, would have started from the object quite a long time ago.

So, basically, when you are looking at a beautiful twinkling…

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