India: Tamil Nadu: Villupuram: Thiruvakkarai Fossil Wood Park

Echoes in the Mist

Reblogged from My Travelogue,

By Bhushavali

I’ve been to tree parks and I’ve been to national parks. But National Fossil Wood Park? Yup, there is one, and I recently ventured there.


Well, Thiruvakkarai houses two things. One, a temple, the Chandramouliswarar temple, and another, the Fossil Wood Park. This time I went to the park.


What exactly is a fossil wood park? Long, long ago, once a upon a time, about two million years ago, our great great grandparents, as stone age men, chopped wood. Wood means not branches and twigs, I’m talking about huge, wide, tree trunks! Some which were even 30meters long and 1.5 meters in diameter. I dunno what they used it for. But then, along the river, these tree trunks got buried in the course of time.


Over time, the organic matter inside them got replaced by silica and they got fossilized. They retained their color and…

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