How the British (literally) Landscaped the World

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Did you hear about the Five Pillars of British Landscaping Empire during your religion classes?

To sort them by order of importance within the Holy Book of Grass: First is Grass. Second is pasture grass (this one comes with fences). Third is leisure grass. Forth is golf grass. Fifth is: you never have enough flowers & cute little benches on your grass.


Those five pillars are so spread out in almost every part of the world that you don’t even notice them anymore. British succeeded to convince you that Earth was born with cute little benches, ubiquitous green grass patches, lovely golf-shaped hills, messy-yet-ordered floral gardens and bamboo bird-feeders natively hanging on trees.

All countries colonized by the british empire carry the scars of this “religion” deeply embedded in their landscapes. This goes way beyond…

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