Strings of the Katputhli Colony – Delhi

Terra Urban टेरा अर्बन

Katputhli colony in Delhi is set to become one of the first redevelopment of a ‘slum precint’, following the famous SRA Model of Mumbai where  a private developer builds high rise apartments for the slum dwellers and other commercial and residential development on the same plot from which he extracts his costs and profits and makes this project of redevelopment through private players a profitable one.

However, does the profit reach equally to the real residents and the new developer?! Residents of Katputhly colony do not call their settlement a slum – infact in many circles it is identified as ‘living heritage’. This colony is atleast 40 years old and is house to the mystic of the Delhi city – puppeteers, magicians, folk singers, painters, dancers, acrobats, jugglers and storytellers etc.

Located near the Najafgarh Industrial Area which is seeing commercial revamp, this ‘slum’ becomes a prime area that needs to…

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