Lead.Ahead: How Can We Foster Sustainable Leadership?

Food (Policy) For Thought

It’s always a pleasure to find people that blog [talk, debate, are passionate] about similar issues as you are. The best evidence of that is if 10 minutes into a Skype conversation you are deep in a discussion on the necessities of reducing our environmental footprint and the practicalities of only working 50% and spending the rest of your time gardening and reading – as happened to me recently when talking to Tobias, one of the authors of Lead-Ahead.com.

They blog about sustainable leadership and the possible pathways towards a truly sustainable future, and their approach is really inspirational – they want to demystify and clarify the true meaning of buzz words such as “sustainability”, “leadership”, and “strategic management” by educating young future leaders in five issue areas: Leading Sustainably, The Leader Check (how sustainable are our leaders?), Receiving Leadership, Sustainable Talks (leadership insights in the form of podcasts) and…

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