The first of the Urban Colloquium Series

Urban Design Collective

On the evening of the 15th February, 2014, UDC organized the first of a series of monthly gatherings to be held every second Saturday of the month, aptly titled the Urban Colloquium . The idea behind the Colloquium is to have an agenda for urbanophiles to meet every month for a range of city-related activities and events, the first of which was a screening of short films.  Right from it’s inception, the idea of the UDC has been to serve as a platform to get interested people together in the context of cities, and that used to be one of our primary activities during our early days. The momentum of those  initial  monthly meets was what led to the UDC being established as a formal entity as well with a much wider agenda. Therefore, the Urban Colloquium is also special to us in that it revives the format of those regular sessions…

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