In-Situ – The Kathputli Colony!

...deep within...

“The problems of the magicians’ ghetto were the problems of the Communist movement in India; within the confines of the colony could be found, in miniature, the many divisions and dissensions which racked the Party in the country. ….. Fire-eaters and sword-swallowers applauded the guerrilla tactics of the Naxalite movement; while mesmerists and walkers-on-hot-coals espoused Namboodiripad’s manifesto and deplored the Naxalites’ violence.” Thus fictionalized Salman Rushdie in his classic ‘Midnights Children’ in 1980 and took the local Delhi slum to international limelight – The Kathputli Colony!

Projected completely as a magical place, more so when one approaches the settlement, it seems like across some international border with a ‘No Man’s Land’ in the middle. Metro took up a strip of land between the main road and the settlement and locked it up with high walls. In all probability it reflects the notion of shame towards the physicality of the non-formal…

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