Problem of Water-logging at Agartala City, Tripura, India. By Nabarup Ganguly, Geographer, Department of Geography


“Waterlogging” is defined as the state of land in which the subsoil water table is located at or near the surface. The City of Agartala is growing and the trend of urbanisation is increasing at a faster rate. The geological condition of Agartala City i.e it is saucer in shape out of which in the central zone of Agartala Municipal Corporation Area is subsiding. The land area of the city is getting converted into built up areas. This conversion of built up areas thus led to the decrease in the amount of infiltration. As a result of which this uninfiltrated water gets logged onto the surface area leading to the problem of Water-logging in the city.


The above two snapshots reflects the scenario of water-logging problems captured very recently from the city.

The Municipal Corporation has taken a very serious view on water-logging and will not tolerate any type of negligence in this regard. There are 8-10 points in the city where water-logging are a perennial problem during monsoon seasons triggering serious traffic jams and flooding in various localities. “The aim of this move is quick redressal in these water-logging points which brings national capital to a standstill during the rains,” CEO said Mr. Vikas Singh, AMC.

A list of roads prone to water-logging prepared by traffic police has been handed over to the concerned to take measures to prevent water stagnation in the city.

The resident of Agartala has been facing a serious water-logging problems for the last few years. The situation gets worse during rainy season as they had to wade  through at least knee- deep water. A spell of  hours heavy rains had cause chaos in the city exposing civic bodies, lack of preparedness to address the problem of water-logging. While DWS had blamed AMC for flooding of streets, the civic body had held DWS responsible for the same.

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Associate Disciple-Educator, M.Sc. in (Geography & Disaster Management), M.A. in Education, B.Ed, First Class First, Rank holder, Gold Medallist, Author & Life Member; Guide and Counsellor, Inventor (Tripura State Council For Science & Technology), Geographer, Department of Geography, RIO+20, Brazil, South America

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