Shrimp Aquaculture – Part 1

Rina Tnunay

In the previous post, we have seen one of the aquaculture commodities is shrimp. This time I will try to write about this subject because shrimp is one of the most popular seafood products and as well as one of the most traded products from aquaculture. Even shrimp aquaculture is currently the fastest growing food production sector in the world.

Shrimp is very well known. There are several kinds of shrimp, but I guess what familiar to us are whiteleg shrimp (penaeus vannamei or currently called litopenaeus vannamei), black tiger shrimp (penaeus monodon) and giant river prawn galah (macrobrachium resenbergii de man). White shrimp and black tiger shrimp are actually marine animals but with improvement of technology finally can be done in brackish water. And giant prawn from fresh water, we usually called river prawn.


At this time, I will more focusing on whiteleg…

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