Digital News Asia Raises $300K To Bring Old School ICT Journalism To The Web In Southeast Asia


A tech news site writing about another tech news site has the potential to get very insider baseball-ery, so I try to carefully pick and choose which of our peers to shed light on. With that in mind, Digital News Asia (DNA) — a small but interesting collection of unashamed “old school” journalists — has raised a $300,000 seed round as it aims to expand its brand of reporting across Southeast Asia.

Started by three experienced tech hacks based in Malaysia and with a total editorial team of five, the two-year-old company netted its first funding round from IdeaRiverRun (IRR), a Malaysian private investment firm with a track record of working with digital media startups.

There are plenty of tech blogs covering news from across Asia — including us here at TechCrunch, of course — so what makes DNA so special?

Well, the founders believe their identity is a little different. Rather than…

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