ASTEROID EXPLODES OVER RUSSIA By Nabarup Ganguly, Department of Geography

The largest blast on Earth caused by a space rock in more than a century occurred on February 15 when a small asteroid exploded over the town of Chelyabinsk in tophe Ural Mountain region of Russia. The asteroid streaked across the sky and then exploded in a fireball, creating a sonic boom, damaging hundreds of buildings in the town, and causing serious injuries to more than 1,500 people. According to scientists, the asteroid was originally probably 17 to 20 metres in size and weighed roughly 10,000 metric tons and was travelling at about 64,800 km per hour when it entered the atmosphere. Because it entered Earth’s atmosphere at high speed and at a shallow angle, it released a tremendous amount energy, fragmented at high altitude, and produced a shower of pieces of various sizes that fell to the ground as meteorites.

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