Resource Conserving Technologies: A New Initiatives By Nabarup Ganguly, (Gold Medalist), Department of Geography

A strong stakeholder participatory approach that hinges on strong partnerships has been used by the RWC to develop and promote new technologies.

Stakeholders include researchers, extension personnel, local manufacturers, NGOs and the farmers.

New resource conservation technologies, such as zero- tillage, reduced tillage, surface seeding, bed-planting and the associated agronomic practices, promote precision agriculture and timely farming operations, save on inputs, improve soil health, and are environmentally friendly and reduce costs of cultivation and provide scope for crop diversification.

Results of the farmers’ participatory resource conserving tillage technologies trials conducted in several hundreds of hectares over several years in the states of Haryana, Punjab, Uttar Pradesh, Uttaranchal and Bihar and some other parts of IGP in Nepal, Bangladesh and Pakistan have shown that resource conserving technologies enable us to generate location specific solutions to the complex problems of RW system ecology. Farmer participatory research brings together the researcher- extensionists, is more cost-effective and reduces the time lag in technology generation and transfer. Infusion of resource conserving methods intro Indian Agriculture is pushing the productivity further and reduce cost of cultivation. Adoption of these technologies on a larger scale will provide new impetus to the revolution these technologies are currently creating. Farmers are enthusiastic about these technologies and technology adoption is likely to be very fast in the next few years with joining of more manufacturers of quality machines and ICAR / GOI providing new prototypes for demonstration in farmers fields.

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About Nabarup Ganguly

Associate Disciple-Educator, M.Sc. in (Geography & Disaster Management), M.A. in Education, B.Ed, First Class First, Rank holder, Gold Medallist, Author & Life Member; Guide and Counsellor, Inventor (Tripura State Council For Science & Technology), Geographer, Department of Geography, RIO+20, Brazil, South America

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