Credit, Debt, Inflation, And Deflation: The Four Horsemen Of Economic Apocalypse


I seldom see any serious discussion of these four concepts in the main steam media.  If anything, the terms are glossed over and the commentators act as if these four concepts aren’t terribly important.  Of course inflation, for those who lived through the years of 1974 through 1982, was seen as a severe problem.  But few understood why the high rates of inflation couldn’t be contained.  Seniors were losing their homes due to increasing property valuations (not values) that led to a rapid increase in property tax assessments.  Homes that might have cost from $5,000 to $10,000 new in 1947 and has seen a slow appreciation in price could now sell for ten times their original cost.  For many who were receiving a low income from pensions or social security this increase in taxes along with the rapidly rising cost of living drove many out of their homes.  Some states…

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