On “Cognitive Architecture”

Architecture Here and There

event-cognitive-architecture-254x400Ann Sussman will be in Boston on Tuesday evening to discuss her book Cognitive Architecture. She will speak at an event sponsored by the New England chapter of the Insitute of Classical Architecture & Art beginning at 6 in the College Club of Boston, at 44 Commonwealth Ave. More details and reservations are here.

Since I’ve been immersing myself in this subject via the work of Nikos Salingaros and Michael Mehaffy, whose recent book Design for a Living Planet I reviewed here, I am eager to hear Ms. Sussman, who wrote her book along with Justin Hollander. It is subtitled “Designing for How We Respond to the Built Environment.”

Here is how the ICAA chapter website’s event calendar describes the book, published by Routledge: It “reveals the subconscious tendencies at work when we navigate the world around us. These ‘hidden’ predispositions reflect our long evolutionary trip as…

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