Fossil Fuel Ecocide Forces Starving Polar Bear to Hold Breath For Three Minutes in Seal Hunt

GarryRogers Nature Conservation

Image courtesy of the American Dream (The gaunt, emaciated and obviously starving polar bear that broke the recent diving record in a photo by Rinie van Meurs. Image source: Meurs Study and The Weather Network).

Like so many other innocent creatures on this planet, polar bears are facing ever-worsening life-threatening conditions due to the fossil fuel industry’s insistence to keep burning, and to keep us dependent on their horrific energy sources. The bears’ Arctic home has been transformed in ways that are profound and terrible. The sea ice they used for hunting grounds is greatly depleted. The seals they hunted for prey have ever-more-numerous avenues of escape into dark and warming waters.  Sourced through from:

GR:  Painful to see knowing that this is just one victim of our American dream.

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1 thought on “Fossil Fuel Ecocide Forces Starving Polar Bear to Hold Breath For Three Minutes in Seal Hunt

  1. Rashid,
    polar bears are INCREASING in numbers, nothing wrong with them! They use the bears, because honest people don’t go there, to expose the Marxist scam! Same as they lie that heat is gone on the bottom of the sea – same as lying about Venus runaway greenhouse, same as: the sea is rising in the middle of the ocean – they\ll lie anything, to rob the working people and the pensioner’s savings. If you believe that Garry has being monitoring for how long bears hold their breath, think again – they only think about themselves, and exploit animals, because people love animals, here are some of the Marxist lies exposed:


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