Africa RISING technologies offer Ghana farmers opportunity to earn three times more


Results from an indicative cost-benefit-analysis of  use of Africa RISING technologies in northern Ghana show that farmers are getting more economic returns from adopting the project’s technologies.

For instance, the mean benefit-cost ratio (BCR) for the technologies is 4.2 indicating that the farmers earned three times more (300%), over and above their total expenditures when using technologies by Africa RISING.

The results also show that the mean returns to labour when a farmer adopts these technologies is GHC 49.1 (USD 12.4)/person day compared to the average daily wage rate of GHC 5.4 /per day in the project research zones. This means that Africa RISING technologies on average can generate a daily net return to labour nine times  greater than what a farmer can earn in a day if they are involved in casual work in the project intervention areas.

Crop diversification technologies, soil fertility management and pest management practices were some of the technology categories…

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