Portrayal of Women in the world of Media and Advertisement: A Critique


 In recent years advertisers and media have received criticism from a wide variety of sources concerning the manner in which women are portrayed in mass media and advertisements. The critics state that the women shown in ads are too often “only housewives”, stupid or incompetent; dependent on men; decorative or sex objects; passive; and not involved in making major decisions (Advertising Age, 1975). Studies indicate that nearly three-quarters of all female characters as shown in advertising and media, are underweight, and those that are overweight are often the subject of comments or jokes about their bodies made by male characters. The use of body doubles for actresses who have less than idealized body proportions is thought to contribute to unrealistic expectations both men and women have about women’s bodies. Women of average or normal appearance feel inadequate or less beautiful in comparison to the overwhelming use of extraordinarily attractive women…

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