Rome the ‘eternal city’ in its peak showcased through a brilliantly animated video

From Realm of History by Dattatreya Mandal:

“Last week, we talked about the fascinating 3D rendering of the Pompeii disaster of 79 AD. Well this time around, we have decided to go the route of the eternal city itself – Rome. An incredible fruit of collaboration between the Rome Reborn project and Khan Academy, the video in question gives us a fascinating tour through the ancient mega city in its arguably peak form in 320 AD. In essence, this was the period when emperor Constantine was successful in once again centralizing the power of the state, while also endowing freedom of worship for Christians. In many ways, this short epoch of stability became the ‘last hurrah’ of glory for the ancient stronghold – before the Roman Empire was divided, and consequently Rome lost its significance in the coming centuries.”

Another wonderful simulation of ancient Rome. It is well worth a look! — Jenny


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