Like Fossils? Like Maps? You’re Welcome

From Discover Magazine by Gemma Tarlach:

“I love fossils. I love maps. A map of fossils? Sweet! An open-access, interactive world map of every fossil ever found?

ShutTheFrontDoorYouGottaBeKiddingMe! I know what I’m doing this weekend. Why not join me?

While it’s been around a while in one form or another since the late ’90s, the Paleobiology Database hasn’t had a high profile in the public. That’s a shame, because it is a gorgeous, user-friendly collection of documented fossils from around the world, and you can check it out right now on your desktop (or download one of the apps to use it more narrowly on your portable device). Why should you check it out? Because science. Wonderful, engaging, thought-provoking science, people.”

Like Fossils? Like Maps? You’re Welcome

This site ( is definitely worth a look and includes 24 countries, including India. — Jenny


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