Brexit and architecture

Architecture Here and There

Screen Shot 2016-06-24 at 9.23.05 PM.png London’s skyline abandoned history and tradition decades ago. (Dezeen)

British voters’ startling decision to opt out of the European Union dismayed many British architects. Dezeen found no one to quote supporting Brexit in a story just before the vote. “We love EU, declare UK architects and designers ahead of referendum” quoted nobody who opposes Britain’s membership in the E.U. in its article, and tacked on statements by 15 architects and designers, all of whom opposed Brexit.

They could not find a single one who supported it? There can be little doubt that most favored the remain vote. But could they find not just one with the alternative opinion – if only to gin up some slight sense of verismilitude in their reporting? Or did they merely decide not to include any naysayers in the article? In short, was the June 22 report pure propaganda?

To belabor the obvious…

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