The Reality of Using Technology in Classroom

 Guest Post by Gary Searcy

Technology has always been a main focus on Education. There is a hot debate around the globe regarding the use of technology in the classroom. A lot of people support the use of technology in classroom and others oppose it for various reasons. The reality is that technology really helps the students to improve their learning in all means.

We live in a world where technology is influenced in every field. Students are growing in technology developed world and they need to know everything about technology to be competitive in workplace. Hence, technology should be used in classroom and let the students to travel along with the ever-changing or developing technology.

Enhance Better Learning

Using technology in the classroom enhance better learning.  Technology not only enhances learning but also teaching. Today, teachers are able to make use of video and audio contents by means of technology in classroom. It helps the students to learn better than reading and learning from traditional textbooks.

When students see a video or hear an audio, it will stamp in the minds of students and they will recollect the contents even after many days. A picture can say a thousand words and meanings to students which cannot be attained through traditional way of textbook teaching. Showing video in the classroom can in reality generate a clear and more complete picture for students. Therefore, technology enhances better learning.

Teaching and Learning Become Easy                                                                      

Technology makes teaching and learning easier. Today, technology has transformed into the role of a teacher and therefore, teachers don’t want to waste their energy in the classroom by teaching students like past days. Technology allows students to learn by them and it’s a great tool for self learning.

Technology lets teachers to expand their world of teaching, outrun text-based learning and to engage students to learn best in their own ways. It has completely changed how the teachers take care of students, student’s perception of learning, how teachers assign projects, how students do their assignments, how teachers prepare for classes, how teachers taking classes, how students concentrate in classroom, and how teachers assess the progress of students, etc.

Students Become Engaged                                                                            

With use of technology in classroom educators can get more students engaged. Obviously, making use of technology in the classroom is a finest technique to turn your class or classroom into life. Students are fond of using many technological devices and its part of their life. So, when they see those technological devices in the classroom, they become more engaged in classroom.

Using mobile, laptops, computer, iPads, tablets, etc keep students involved in the classroom. Schools and teachers should try to give training for the students to utilize technology properly and effectively because it offers opportunities for them to learn better and be engaged in learning. Develop student engagement and improve education by exploiting classroom technology.

Other Notable Benefits

With the use of technology, students can keep track of their progress and work well to advance to the next level. Technology makes teaching and learning fun. It enhances student’s collaboration and they can share and discuss about assignments or study materials from classroom and home as well. Technology helps teachers to manage their classroom and they can also make sure that classroom lectures run effortlessly regardless of the troublesome activities of students.

Technology makes it possible for the students to learn better both independently and collaboratively. One of the notable benefits of using technology in classroom is that it offers students a large space to steer their own learning. Technology is widely used in today’s workforce. Thus, using technology in classroom prepare students efficiently to face future challenges that they face in workforce.

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