Discuss the nature and origin of Indian monsoon and recent techniques of its prediction. (25 Marks – 400 words)


The primary circulation is thermally modified at regional scale by the differential heating of land and sea, causing a seasonal reversal of pressure  system ,as a consequence the wind direction .Monsoon is subcontinental phenomenon defined as the reversal of wind caused by apparent shift of sun and oscillation of pressure system.

Origin of Monsoon
There are mainly three theory explaining the mechanism of Monsoon.

1.Classical theory
It is also known as thermal theory given by the  sir Edmund Halley in 1686. According to this theory , differential heating of land and sea ,which develop the sea breeze ,is the main driving force for the Monsoon. In 1890 , Abercrombie gave the thermal concept and explain the mechanism of Monsoon by migration of sun over tropic of cancer. This…

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