Here’s the Darwin!

Why Evolution Is True

by Greg Mayer

Darwin can be found atop the bookcase which is to the right of the bat poster, and to the left of the ‘curved’ bookcase. On the top row of the ‘curved’ bookcase, 27 books in, is Jerry’s Speciation, followed by two copies of Why Evolution Is True (the copy with the orange spine is the paperback edition). The hard one to find was Faith vs. Fact, since it is in a different section (“History and Philosophy of Science”; Jerry’s other books are in the “Evolution” section), and because the photo is a bit out of focus at the point where it is. It’s the fifth book from the right in the second row of books on the shelf at the right of the photo.

From door to window ledge, the office is 11 ft. The window ledge, which contains the heating/cooling system for the room…

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